Alexa Voice Skill with Display : Conversational Flight Status

Voice interaction technology has advanced at a rapid-fast pace over the last few years, now understanding and responding in natural language, to carry on a normal conversation and offer assistance.

The Amazon Echo (Alexa) & Google Home devices have contributed significantly to the advancement, applying sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning to enhance and engage users on practical, personal and professional fronts.

These easy-to-use, programmable interfaces allow seamless integration of ‘skills’ written and developed by outside developers using an INTENT & SLOT based- approach, strengthening the voice interactive feature offerings through the creativity and innovation of others.

We have built the DISYS Flight Checker Skill, allowing its users to receive updated  flight information using their Amazon Echo. When used, the DISYS Flight Checker responds with real-time data by being told an airline or flight number. If these data points are not given, the skill prompts the user for the missing information. Learn more here.

While the Alexa devices have primarily been used as in-home assistants, the newly released Amazon Echo Show opens up Alexa technology to a broad range of business & professional uses. These high-resolution screen devices allow the delivery of visual and voice information within seconds of speaking the command. We see this as an unparalleled opportunity to increase efficiency among our clients in top-tier industries worldwide. And we are using what we have learned during the creation of our DISYS Flight Checker Skill to make it happen.

Currently, we are working with our energy and oil & natural gas clients to  place devices on oil rigs and in power plants, meeting centers and monitoring & operation centers to give insight into heat-mapping, business trending, inventory status and SCADA dashboards. We are also actively developing automation uses & additional business intelligence insight availability.

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