IT Automation : Autonomous Audit Tracker

Environment can change, processes are not supposed to change; Cloud has to behave as an example than an exception. Autonomous Audit Tracker can help put things in order.

The Autonomous Audit Tracker; continuously checks for the activities that require attention; formulates it to enterprise recognized format and puts it to ITSM system in near real-time.

This demo illustrates on how an AWS serverless lambda function can be used to continuously monitor and watch for the specific set of activities that require to be audited.

On the left side we see the AWS management console of an account which has the lambda function configured to watch and monitor all the AWS Activities in real time. On the other side is the Slack ChatOps channel where the messages are logged for the team’s awareness.

Here we see we perform an audit requiring task being created – requesting for an Elastic IP. Behind the scenes the lambda function captures the activity log and picks up on the Elastic IP request and inspects the user and request meta data.

The slack serve as a ChatOps channel . After the required activity is notified in slack channel; the information is automatically formatted according to ITSM compliant format and assigned to the agent who performed the change; The agent can then sign and close the tickets as part of the workflow.

This removes the need for manually auditing and tracking the changes in the environments like AWS; Windows Azure, VM ware or on-premises using similar approach and make the autonomous audit tracker meet your organization’s compliance management effortless.