Bot Powered Call Center

With the increase of digitally-controlled call centers, recent studies show it simply takes too long to reach a human-engaged customer service agent.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has eased the customer service burden when it comes to simple tasks by utilizing numbered prompts to send a customer to the right place.  But when customers have to navigate the IVR prompts, listen to belaboring ‘hold’ music than must rehash their issue with a live agent, there is a level of irritation felt by the callers who already feel they have wasted too much time.

Natural language interaction tools and technology, through the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), customer service is closer than ever to providing a rewarding call center experience with constantly improving feedback and language learning abilities.

Built using Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex, the DISYS Natural Language Bot demonstrates in simple terms how general conversation prompts can offer up vital information. In this limited-feature demo, the bot uses everyday conversation to talk give up-to-date information on bitcoins and/or the stock market and features the following:

  • Recording
  • Tracing
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • Performance Information